The Cleansing of Lordaeron

Anduin awoke with an idea. A powerful one, an obvious one, at that – and a simple one. He fairly leapt out of bed and dressed, wanting to put his plan into action immediately. He was more excited than he had been for the Arathi meeting that had gone so horribly wrong with Sylvanas and Calia Menethil; but that tragedy had enabled exactly this. On fire, Anduin threw on his cloak, fastened his belt and secured his sword sheath, and left his bed chamber.

Three days later here they were. He was standing at the closed gates to a ruined Capitol City and its Undercity. Calia stood to Anduin’s right, her almost eerie eyes showing with an intensity he had never seen her achieve in her living self. Next to her stood Derek Proudmoore, the newly light-raised Lord Uther, and Alsonsus Faol. Surrounding them were a veritable army of light warriors of all types, be they paladins, priests, or others.

“Here we stand!” shouted Anduin to all present, his voice carrying almost unnaturally across the entire amassed group. “Here, where it began with Arthas murdering his father we will cleanse Lordaeron as if removing the Lich King’s cancer from the center outward! Onwards, warriors of the light! For Lordaeron! For the Alliance!”

Roars went up around Anduin. He’d been told he reminded people of young Arthas many times, and now it was he who wanted to highlight his contrast with Arthas. He would help Calia regain her people the way Arthas helped destroy them, and he would do so on exactly the same journey that Arthas made to Silvermoon and beyond, but instead of plagueing the land he would lead in its cleansing. And, at the end, Silvermoon would at last come back to the Alliance. Of that he was determined.

He laughed to himself … how ironic that just as Arthas did, Anduin would raise his army as he traveled to Quel-Thalas, and with that army he would take Silvermoon. But Anduin’s army was of the Light.

The first stop on their journey after recapturing Undercity and Capitol City above it would be the first place Arthas went after murdering everyone in Capitol City himself: to the grave of Arthas’ beloved horse Invincible.

“Hear me now!” Anduin cried out, the crowd hushing immediately, not that they had been loud to begin with. He wasn’t talking to anyone present, however; at least not mortals. “The time has come for Lordaeron to come back to the Alliance! The time has come for the crowning of her queen – and the time is now to begin to repair what broke Prince Arthas’ spirit!" Anduin’s eyes closed and his hands went out with elbows high and bent outwards, hands circling as if wiping a table in a circular motion. Soon, brilliant yellow light began to fill the air around his hands.

“Priests! Find the spirit of this beast and bring him home! Paladins; focus the body!” The light near Anduin’s hands glowed brighter and brighter by the moment. His arms and hands buzzed as holy power radiated through them to pool near his hands … and then the moment came.

“Now” he cried, throwing his hands both towards the grave of Invincible before him; light beginning to brighten the huge mound of dirt – and reveal a skeletal shape within. At his command, the power of the Light came from everyone present who was able to harness it, through Anduin to Invincible’s remains.

Anduin released the light and it left his hands and enveloped the mound Invincible was buried under, turning it bright yellow, almost as if it were amound of gold dust – and then fading back to brown.
A brilliant flash blinded everyone and Anduin heard a raspy neighing – and smiled. As the light faded and his vision returned he saw Invincible standing before him, his eyes the same pale yellow color as Calia’s. The horse neighed again – this time almost happily, Anduin thought – as the beast kicked out its front two legs as if its memory ended with its death, in which they were both broken and the horse nearly bled out before Arthas could finally get the heart to put him out of his misery. Anduin thought if the horse’s memory no longer included being part of the Lich King’s forces, that was good.

“Calia Menthil, true queen of Lordaeron, I entrust to you your brother’s beloved steed Invincible!”
Calia’s mouth was open, he saw. He couldn’t help but feel good. The horse didn’t look quite alive, but it didn’t look as horrible as Arthas had made it look. The beast had some flesh on its bones, not as much as a live horse, but some, and he was still white. Anduin called for some paladins to take and clean up the smelly beast.

“And now a rest!” he cried out to the massive company. “And then we ride for Andorhal!” Cheers went up all around him. It had begun.

Thank you…, said a voice in his head. It was a familiar voice, but one hadn’t heard in years now, and it took him a moment to identify the speaker … Arthas…


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