Void Elf Revue: SHATTERED

We Ren'dorei are an uneasy part of the Alliance. I'm a priest, and yet when I go into the cathedral in Stormwind City I am asked to leave because I control the Void. I was disgusted at this flat-out racism in the capital city of the Alliance -- thank the Light that King Anduin is a better leader to the Alliance than the priests there are to me and my kind.

But I resent being a part of the Alliance. Stormwind is not my beloved Silvermoon, where I feel -- or felt, rather -- most at home. Granted, Telogrus Rift is crawling with Silvermoon scholars who make sure that we get the comforts of home, showing that Silvermoon, at least, isn't as black and white as Sylvanas may hope. Either way, though, Silvermoon City is currently a Horde capital and I can't go there without being killed on sight.

So as I stand now in front of Alleria Windrunner's statue in front of Stormwind City and read the inscription by her sister Sylvanas -- the Banshee Queen, now Warchief of the Horde -- on her fellow Alliance hero's statue plaque, my heart is as broken as my beloved Azeroth. It's broken for my world, for my elven sisters, and for my city.

Where will be my home? Telogrus Rift is certainly no option. Perhaps Suramar, where Thalysra would look the other way at my existence for my role in helping free her and her people from the Horde? I won't get into the Nighthold, certainly, but.... Or, perhaps Thunder Totem, where I could help the Bloodtotem survivors start over now that the Feltotem are gone. In Highmountain the air is crisp and clean, as is the water, which is so cold you'll get frostbite if you're not careful; and standing on the top deck of Thunder Totem and looking out towards the hunter's peak to the west, then southwest to Riverbend and then back up to the mountains and the tauren city to the north, I feel I could make a home here. And again, Mayla would certainly look the other way if I lived here; I have earned such.

Or will my home be somewhere else? Somewhere I've never been?

For now I rest in Shal'aran.


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