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I've decided to break out my story writing skillset and dust it off to satiate my own flood of inspiration from Blizzard's story in Legion and beyond, and in particular the new allied races that have been released in preparation for Battle for Azeroth. It's not a parody, per se, but I've named it Nightborne Revue because I like it. Here's part one: THE LEY-RUINS OF ZARKHENAR -- FROM THE JOURNALS OF NIGHTBORNE TELLESTROIS
In search of ley dust and pigment, I today visited a scene that made me more morose than I've been since my days as nightfallen. Fighting withered nightfallen is difficult enough because I was there with first the Night well, then arcwine, and later dredging ancient mana from crystals, corpses... the memories are not happy ones. I've felt the fiendy, endless cravings. I've attacked people I should and do love. If the self-reflection helps my own spirit as I gather my pigment and move on, for now, at least, good. But here on the front …


I am currently on disability and playing WoW like a fiend. I am an amateur programmer and the more I get to know the game, the more I see through some of the decisions made and so forth, and I'd like to write about it (assuming I can ever take time out from playing, that is!).I have a guild called The Hobos on Garrosh (Alliance) and Draenor/EchoIsle (Horde) and am working on filling both so we can cross-pollinate and play with the same great folks no matter the faction. You can join via Enjin application or via game by just finding us in the guild recruitment interface (start from the bottom and scroll up).I'll start with some tips and I'll add to them as I can. Here's one to start:* #Nightborne and #HMTauren can map Broken Isles at level 60 (or 70 if you want to wait until you can fly faster) to map the place out and get flight points -- and a good two levels or so.